Coach Dan is now… Sensei Dan!

After months of hard work and dedication, Coach Dan has officially become Sensei Dan, hitting a huge milestone in his journey and the story of East West Karate Trevose. This change from coach to sensei is more than just a new title – it’s about his deeper commitment to guiding, leading, and being part of the martial arts community.

Sensei Dan’s awesome way of teaching, which focuses on physical discipline while also valuing emotional intelligence and respect, has truly made a difference in his students’ lives. It’s helped them grow personally and brought everyone closer together. The dojo, with Sensei Dan at the helm, is now a place where everyone celebrates achievements together, supports the community, and feels like part of a big family. This new chapter is super exciting and inspiring for all of us, and we can’t wait to see where Sensei Dan’s leadership takes us, as we keep learning, growing, and supporting each other.

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